Wind Turbine Trainer by Lotus Creative Innovations

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  • Renewable Energy Training

    Renewable Energy Training We have released our Wind Turbine Trainer into the market and have customers from California to New York,  spread out over the midwest from Texas to Nebraska, now Canada and Scotland!!
  • Renewable Energy Centers

    See the WTT in Energy Centers See the WTT in action at the Davenport Energy Center (part of EICC), the Whitlock Energy Collaboration Center at Carnegie College and N. Highland CC Energy Center both in Scotland. Now featured at the Stark State and Timken Technology Test Center in OH.
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    Lotus Creative Innovations It has been almost 4 years in development and our product is ready for training in Wind Energy Technology and much more. As winners of the Invenergy Innovation Award 2011, our goal still is to "innovate not imitate".  
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Thu, Mar 30, 2017

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Welcome to Lotus Creative Innovations.  We are developers of Wind Turbine Trainer solutions.

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In 2011 we successfully launched our product called the "Wind Turbine Trainer" (dubbed by former instructor Al Zeitz). This product is not only light years beyond any KidWind or Lego set, we have the top training equipment companies worried for a very good reason. We are quickly making our mark in the wind industry with our philosophy and 'out of the box' thinking and design. Not to mention cost effective in a poor economy. We have priced this unit far below anything that could have competed with it but doesn't.  


Designed and manufactured 100% in the U.S.A., no outsourcing. 3D viewer produced through collaboration with the IP Institute in Davenport, IA.

Our trainer is set to become the standard in any note-worthy program for Wind Technician Training, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Maintenance and IBEW chapter. It has an even larger scope of training for general Automation & Controls which is the heart of everything in today's world from power plants and robotics to smart homes & EV's. 

The engineer behind the design is Ashish Gavali.  Ashish is a graduate from Iowa Lakes Wind Energy Program and since then has worked for various companies in the wind energy field.  The Wind Turbine Trainer is the result of many hours of training and experience in the field, classroom and workshop.

This trainer is the result of our motto 'Innovate, not Imitate'.


Single stage planetary and parallel shaft gearbox. Generator is a 12 pole P.M.G. Delta output. both have digital encoders for tach signals. Made in the U.S.A. by Andymark Robotics, IN.


The Wind Turbine Trainer is specially designed for students.  The size of the nacelle, hub and inner working components are large enough for groups of 2-4 students to work on, yet small enough to wheel inside of a classroom.  Watch the excitement from your students as they assemble this kit from scratch. 

The Wind Turbine Trainer does not produce energy but potential, making it inherently safe (generator produces 1.5 v p-p 3 phase signal). The purpose is to teach basic electro-mechanical aspects of automation and controls, then moving on to signals & analysis, systems integration, SCADA and more. These industry standards are used everywhere including commercial wind turbines. Starting from the fully functional yaw and pitch system to the see through gearbox and generator. The DAQ system allows one to see the raw signals produced and graphed. Included is a DVR camera system which allows unlimited smart room patch in capabilities.

With real world applications your students will learn more than working on the real thing!


Clear cover made in the U.S.A. by Adapt Plastics, IL.


  • Working voltages under 28 volts D.C. (OSHA class 1 PPE was rated for up to 50v, soon changing to 30v AC or DC)
  • Requires only single 120-240 v.a.c. input
  • Fully functional pitch and yaw system
  • Full hub power and communication
  • Dry run, adjustable ratio, see through gearbox
  • Clear permanent magnet 3 phase generator
  • Variable speed drive train w/PWM controller
  • Gear motors w/ exploded view encoder concept
  •  12 ch. Rf Trx remote to PLC & relay control
  • 1 or 4 ch. USB DVR w/camera and software
  • PLC included w/comms cable & software
  • Multi channel data logger w/ o-scope software
  • Variable angle locking flip panel
  • 16 channel relay board with PLC I/O module and comm cable
  • Digital display add-on to PLC for messaging including status and faults


New custom caps are crystal clear, also made in the U.S.A. by RC Sales and Manufacturing, etching done by Recognition Pros, both located in IL.


  • Electro-mechanically safe for children to adults, includes plastic breakaway chain
  • Platform for learning digital multimeter (DMM) to higher level meters like the oscilloscope
  • Simulate different wind conditions from pinwheel to overspeed
  • Tachometer and position feedback signals
  • Clear visibility of planetary/parallel shaft gearbox & generator components, parallel shaft gears can be shunted to 1:1 ratio
  • Multiple slip ring system prevents binding of wires
  • Unlimited add on sensor capability
  • Simulate real world operation, fault generation, and diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Effectively teach from small classes to large auditoriums, including webcasting labs (soon to be implemented)


Adjustable variable locking flip panel allows compact storage but easy access of wiring & troubleshooting. Hinges made in the U.S.A. by Adjustable Locking Technologies, MI.

Are you and your students still stuck on Euclidean geometry? Real scientists view the world as iterations of surface roughness, ie. fractal geometry.


Units come with fully licensed Directsoft5 plc software. The freeware download with unlimited time use is available at  We will include the plc program pre-written. Check new link for ladder logic program.

Program integrates series and parallel branches, latching bits, timers, counters, on/off delay,cascading, no/nc bits, digital interlocks,comparative Boolean logic,messaging for system status and fault code generation and more.

 " Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"           

Nelson Mandela flagsa

quantum tesseract2  

"The Quantum Teseract is about as inside and outside of the box as one can get at the same time, pontificate on that dichotomy." Ashish


'God hangs the greatest weights upon the smallest wires.'
Sir Francis Bacon